Why “…Baby One More Time” Is Still a JAM in 2015

it's a miracle

In celebration of the sixteenth anniversary of one of the greatest pop albums in existence, here’s why Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” still slays us all. Grab your favorite scrunchie and pull out that boom box, you’ll be humming these sweet, bubbly tunes for the rest of the week, guaranteed.


1. …Baby One More Time: Basically responsible for the flight of Brit’s career, this song is just pop gold. I mean, who didn’t want to be rocking that school girl uniform with those fuzzy pink hair ties? (Correct answer: NO ONE.)

Lyric that we are still obsessing over: “My loneliness is killing me – I must confess, I still believe – When I’m not with you I lose my mind” YES GIRL, GET HIM BACK


2. (You Drive Me) Crazy: Yes yes yes. It’s hard to think of a favorite Britney song, but this one is always in…

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