About Me

Hey, I’m Kayla Miracle.

I’ve always been a pop culture junkie. I like to think that it all started when I was three years old, running around singing Britney Spears songs, and, with Oops! I Did It Again music vid Britney doll in hand, looking up at my mom professing, “I love Justin, too!” At age 5, I could sing the Friends theme song word-for-word; and at age 7, I cried happy tears when Buffy saved the world once-and-for-all from being sucked into the hellmouth on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The entertainment industry has my heart.

Now, I’m 22. I am a fourth year journalism and RTF student at The University of Texas at Austin. I spend most of my time attending way too many concerts and watching way too much TV. I love Coke Zero, Taylor Swift and Twitter. After graduation, I hope to work in entertainment news and/or write for television, because in order for my other life long goal of being the next pop music princess to happen, you actually have to be able to sing…

Contact me: Kayla Miracle  •  817.805.1545 • kaylamiracle@icloud.com

contributing writer @younghollywood

Connect with me:

@kaylaraymiracle on Twitter

@kaylamiracle on Instagram

@kaylamiracle on Snapchat

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Kayla Miracle on YouTube





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